Pollution and Health: environmental pollution caused by waste plant

Saturday, October 16, 2010

environmental pollution caused by waste plant

figure via outlookindia

figure via nmpirg

There is the saddest thing of our earth that the industrial orientation of our environment has changed for the worse. Almost any industrial activity in each country, especially the developed or developing country with a population that much like in China, India or Indonesia. Industrial atmosphere has an impact on the environment especially if the orientation as it does not pay attention to environmental integrity.

We can see many people who are exposed to sewage disposal plant, either smoke or liquid waste. Air around the factory or with a radius of more distant than it also polluted. These activities were clearly damaging to the ecosystem. water as a source of civic life is no longer useful because it was contaminated. Which protects the earth's atmosphere becomes damaged by smoke contains compounds that can react with atmospheric gases.

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