Pollution and Health: environmental damage caused by mining petroleum

Monday, October 18, 2010

environmental damage caused by mining petroleum

"map environmental damage due to mud Lapindo" figure via masif

"Lumpur Lapindo, Situbondo, Indonesia" figure via matanews

For now most of us are in dire need of petroleum as an energy source. but do you know the environmental damage that has been going around places where petroleum drilling or oil that spilled into the sea when will be distributed.

in Situbondo, East Java, Indonesia, the failure of crude oil while digging resulted in big losses for the people, companies and even countries. tens of hectares of land inundated by the mud. many residents are forced to move because her house had been submerged in mud. create a traumatic incident of most citizens.

meanwhile, we can see the other events due to petroleum distribution activities. Tengker ship sank, spilling oil into the sea. What happens there is damage to marine ecosystems.

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