Pollution and Health: Know the structure of the earth's atmosphere

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Know the structure of the earth's atmosphere

The Earth's atmosphere:
gas mixture to suspend certain solids and liquids.

Three common constant in the atmosphere:

-Salt - from Ocean Spray

Gas composition of the atmosphere:
- Nitrogen - 78% of atmosphere
- Oxygen - 21% of atmosphere
- Trace gases - 1% - Neon, Helium, Hydrogen, Methane, Carbon Dioxide

Creating the atmosphere:
The atmosphere is the result of a planetary degassing, a process in which gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen were released from inside the Earth and volcanoes other processes.

Structure of the Earth's atmosphere: (With the basis of space.)
Troposphere-ok. ground to 10 km (about 7 miles up)
- Where is the layer of the Earth.
- It contains 75% of our atmosphere of greenhouse gases
- Weather and clouds of smog occur in the troposphere
Stratosphere - 10 km - 45 km (about 7 miles, 30 miles)
- The ozone layer is here
- jet can be found here
- Little or no water vapor
Mesosphere - 45 km -95 km at the top (30 to 50 miles)
the coldest part of the atmosphere
Thermosphere - about 95 km to 500 km (50 miles up)
1. Hottest layer of the atmosphere.
lower layer called the ionosphere thermosphere
- Ionosphere with charged particles electronically.
- reflects radio waves
- The day of this layer distorts the radio waves emitted by the charges for a large number of particles of solar energy and causes a lot of static problems.
- At night, it is less loaded. Therefore, it is easier to hear the AM radio late at night
Exosphere - approximantly 500 km and beyond
The outer layer of the atmosphere over
Very few air molecules in this layer
The lack of clear boundaries between the layers and space

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